Kim Komljanec is a playwright, dramaturge and theatre director.

After a degree in French and Slovenian languages and literature from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, she was awarded an MA in playwriting and script development from the University of Exeter, UK. She later moved to Cambridge where she joined a scriptwriting forum called WRiTEON . Her active involvement with them culminated in Kim taking over as its Artistic Director of WRiTEON three years later. She later gave up her role when she decided to relocate. After a decade spent in the UK, Kim now lives in Ljubljana and continues to work with theatres and people of all shapes, colours and sizes.

Kim writes for theatre, radio and TV, teaches playwriting courses in Slovenian and English, works with drama teachers and makes theatre with children. She also takes every opportunity to further her own education in all areas of theatre by attending workshops or by meeting and working with theatre people from all over the world. She is a member of  an international playwrights’ network called The Fence, a network of theatre translators Eurodram and the national representative of playwright’s at ZDUS, a kind of Slovenian equivalent of Equity and Writers’ Guild combined. 

Kim has had numerous plays produced by fringe, independent, and state-funded repertory theatres in Slovenia, several of her plays were staged in the UK and one even in the USA. Her radio work has been produced by Slovenian National Radio and the Slovenian programme of the Italian RAI (Radio Trst A). She wrote for a crime TV series produced by the Slovenian National Television and was a resident international playwright with the Royal Court Theatre in London.

In Slovenia, Kim continues to work with Zavod Zofka, an independent theatre company founded by Kim and her two sisters (one an actress and the other a set designer) in order to put on plays for children and grown-up audiences and enjoy absolute artistic freedom and practice playfulness to its fullest.